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Pennsylvania's manufacturing base has been hit hard by the seemingly deliberate actions by both the federal and state governments to push production overseas. Our Commonwealth was once a giant, manufacturing much of the world's goods, but repressive regulations, unfair trade policies and a brazen unwillingness to acknowledge the necessity that being capable of building "things" is in our national security interest has brought American manufacturing to the verge of extinction.


Pennsylvania needs a VISION forward…

By focusing on these specific issues, Vision 20/20 believes that we can help overturn failed policies that have led to the underinvestment in manufacturing and create real jobs again for Pennsylvania's middle class.

Because that is what it is all about… finding PRACTICAL and REAL solutions to get Pennsylvania's economy moving again.



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Vision 20/20 Unveiled
Harrisburg PA
- This afternoon, in the Rotunda of the State Capitol Building, Derek A. Walker announced the formation of Vision 20/20.  During Derek’s address, he expressed concern about the steady decline of Pennsylvania’s manufacturing base and its effect on local communities, particularly the surge in job losses. Read more...


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